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Gran Canaria beaches to relax...

Are you not a fan of busy Gran Canaria beaches? Don't worry, there are several quiet beaches.One advice. Don't come to Gran Canaria during the summer (July and August).

Quiet Gran Canaria beaches:

1) Meloneras (sand/rocks)
This is my favourite, or actually it was. A big storm in Januari 2010 brought a lot of rocks and now it is impossible to swim.
If you want to you can swim, but there are so many rocks in the water, you will cut open your feet, not very nice though...

But I like to come because, we sun bade, fish, cook and BBQ and it is not that busy. I totally relax. And in winter it's a dessert :-)BUT don't go in August. There will be a lot of "Canario's" from Las Palmas camping here. I NEVER go in August...

If you're hungry, you can cook for yourself, or go to one of the restaurants. The best 2 restaurants are:
Ciao Ciao (Italian) and
Serafino (Fish restaurant) This was the first restaurant at this beach.

It's nice here if you want to fish. If you like to swim, choose another one.

Hotels in Meloneras

Playa Meloneras
Gran Canaria beaches

Fishing in Playa Meloneras
Gran Canaria beach

Playa Meloneras my sister, my boyfriend and I Gran Canaria beach

2) Playa de Amadores (white sand)
Very beautiful Gran Canaria beach and not too busy (Warning! This beach is very busy in July and August ). Looks like Anfi.

Amadores is man-made with white, grainy sand, complete with chair hire, toilets and showers, lifeguard, parking garage and several restaurants, supermarkets, etc.

1 km from Amadores runs a promenade along the cliffs to Puerto Rico.
Amadores is reachable either by car (motorway GC-1) and by local bus.

Hotels in Amadores

Playa Amadores

Playa Amadores

My brother-in-law at Playa de Amadores Gran Canaria beach

3) Puerto de Mogan (sand)
This is a very nice fishers town, a must see!Puerto the mogan is also called "little Venice" and has got beautiful little streets, bridges, nice harbour etc.Every Friday morning there is a market, which is very big and after walking around for a few hours, you can have a nice meal in one of the small restaurants.

The harbour in
Puerto de Mogán

4) Playa de Güí-Güí (sand)
Very beautiful and quiet beach, only reachable by boat!
Take the boat from Puerto Rico Harbour.

5) Playa de Arguineguín (sand/stone)
This beach consists of light coloured sand and some stones. At high tide, there is only a narrow strip of sand. Restaurants, bars and a supermarkets are within walking distance in the village of Arguineguín.The beaches of Patalacava and Anfi are accessible via a promenade.

Arguineguin is easy accessible by car via motorway GC-1 or by bus.

Apartments in Arguineguin

6) Playa de Patalavaca (sand)
Also very quiet Gran Canaria beach. Most people are going to the one next door... Anfi...

7) Taurito (sand)
Taurito's got black lava sand and is tucked away on a small curve in a small tourist town (Taurito) near Puerto de Mogan. Watch out with swimming. The currents should not be underestimated.

Bars and restaurants are located on the (small) promenade, a small supermarket, diving centre, salt-water pool (Lago Taurito). Mini golf and toilets are located a few meters from the board walk.

You can reach Taurito by car on the coastal road to Mogan or by bus.

Hotels in Taurito

7) Playa del Cura (sand)
Playa del Cura is a very quiet Gran Canaria beach. In the coming years there will be a renovation of Playa de Tauro and will be connected to the promenade of Playa de Amadores.

Playa del Cura is between Tauro and Puerto Mogán.

Hotels in Playa del Cura

8) Bahía Feliz (rocks)
Bahia Feliz is located on the south coast and is a popular with surfers. It's relatively quiet, but can be windy!
In the neighbouring village you'll find numerous restaurants, bars, café's and a supermarket.
When you see a man standing at the road waving with a white rag, (yeah, really...), it means that you can buy fresh fish directly from the fishermen. You can reach Bahia Feliz by car and by bus via the coastal road.

These are some "virgin" Gran Canaria beaches, mostly difficult to reach.
* Playa Mid Almud is between Tauro and Puerto de Mogan.
* Los Frailes is between Tauro and Puerto de Mogan at the end of an impressive canyon.
* Tiritana is called a natural beach and also between Tauro and Mogan.
* Veneguera; The curve of Veneguera is just behind Puerto Mogan and therefore it's difficult to reach.

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